The Transformational Path

1 On 1 Coaching Journey

The Hero's Call

Listen to your internal voice.​

In every one of us, there is a call to know ourselves. A drive to become whole. An urge to awaken. Modern life can conceal this inner voice for awhile but when we are quiet enough, there is an internal voice which whispers what we have always known: We are capable of so much more. My role is to guide individuals who want to go on this journey.

To awaken to our potential, we must do something human beings have been doing since well before recorded history: we must embark on a “Hero’s Journey.” We must become the heroes of our own lives.

In living my own Hero's journey, I healed myself and received a calling to live my life in service of others.

As my path deepened, I built mental models to help others enjoy optimal health and well-being. I began to call these models “Maps of Healing.” These models became the basis for workshops, talks, retreats, and work with private clients.

"The call to adventure signifies that destiny has summoned the hero."
-Joseph Campbell

Everyone Has the Ability To Transform

The "Transformational Path"

My formal training and personal experiences have taught me that many of us are hungry and ready for transformation but we often lack the tools for sustainable long-term transformation. Over time, I saw that many of the teaching I have had absorbed in my own path could be synthesized and thought to people remotely. So I created the "Transformational Path" program to support people who feel the call to walk a path of awakening ,and who want to have the benefit of an authentic 1-on-1 Mentor-Mentee relationship and the compassionate guidance and leadership that comes with it. This program is a 1 year, 1-on-1 journey where clients are guided to profound development in all areas of life. The “Transformational Path” is built on 4 Basic Pillars of Wellbeing: (1) Psycho-Spiritual Development 2) Movement (3) Nutrition and (4) Circadian/Biological Rhythms. While each coaching relationship is unique and the roadmap for transformation is tailored to each client, the “Transformational Path” program is built upon a deep understanding that each pillar is completely interconnected with the others.

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